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Company Profile

Rich Graviss

Rich Graviss Products Pvt. Ltd. is a joint venture company between M/s Rich Products Corporation (USA) and Graviss Food Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (India).

In 1996, the company pioneered the non-dairy topping category in India with the launch of Rich's whip topping - India's first and largest selling non-dairy whip topping, which revolutionised the bakery industry in India. Since then, Rich's has launched a range of products in the country from its international portfolio as well as through local R&D.

Today, the company is recognized as a market leader in the non-dairy whip topping category and has a wide range of products for both the bakery as well as the food service segments.

Rich Products Corporation

Founded by Robert Rich Sr. in 1945, Rich Products Corporation was born from an innovation - the world's first non-dairy whipped topping.

Today, Rich Products Corporation is a $3.5 billion company, known around the world as a pioneer in the frozen food industry and a leading supplier and solutions provider to the food service, in-store bakery, and retail marketplaces. Rich's is a global operation which manufactures and distributes more than 2,300 products in more than 85 countries through over 30 manufacturing plants across the globe. From whipped toppings that retain their shape for hours, to an all-natural process for keeping frozen food soft, and to dough technology that eliminates the need for proofing, Rich's innovations can be found in kitchens and bakeries around the world.

Since inception, the company's history has been marked by innovative breakthroughs, an unparalleled commitment to "Caring For Customers Like Only a Family Can™," and aggressive worldwide growth.

Looking to the future, Rich's will continue to grow and thrive as a global industry leader through new product development, strategic acquisitions and a relentless commitment to excellence.

Graviss Group

The Graviss Group (formerly Ghai Enterprises) was founded in 1945, and is one of the fastest growing players in the Hospitality sector in India. The Group controls prestigious businesses across the country like InterContinental Marine Drive, the boutique business hotel in Mumbai; Mayfair Banquets, India's first standalone cultured banqueting service; Rich's, the world's premier non-dairy whip topping & Baskin Robbins, the internationally renowned ice cream brand.

The Group follows a time-tested philosophy of quality, passion and innovation, and directly employs in excess of 800 people across India and the Middle East.